when did you start shopping differently?

I began to fall in love with natural fibers like linen and wool several years ago. The more I searched for garments made out of these fibers, the more I realized how rare they are in today's fast-fashion industry. I often searched local thrift stores and garage sales to find what I was looking for. I eventually began making clothing out of linen and cotton for myself, my family, and a few friends. 

why do you shop differently?

I have always loved to give new life to a used garment from local thrift and vintage resale shops. I am an identical twin. My mom did an excellent job teaching me the tricks of the trade. If it was possible to find something for less than full price, we did it! The real shift for me was when I saw The True Cost for the first time. My husband and I were so moved by the documentary. By the time it was over, we knew we wanted to get involved and make a difference. So we began shopping differently whenever possible. We began asking questions before making purchases. The goal for me is to be a conscious consumer and make purchases wisely. I want my dollars to go to the mindful makers of the world. I know I am voting with every dollar I spend, and I remind myself often.



where is the best place to find linen cheap?

One of my favorite places to purchase linen garments for an affordable price is from my local thrift store and resale shops. Not only am I getting 100% linen garments at a HUGE discount, I am giving a new home to a garment that is still in good condition. I love to garden. Where I live, it gets HOT and HUMID in the summer. I literally cannot go out to the garden in anything but linen. I refuse! So purchasing linen garments for pennies on the dollar is perfect! I don't have to worry about getting them dirty because I bought them super cheap.

100% Linen Wrap Skirt by Nelly Gavrilov of Forma, Styled by Nicole Gavrilov of Mindful Makers Co, Photographed by Wendy Bobarikin, Modeled by Kennedy Marinelli, Florals by Anthousai of Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

why do you love linen so much?

Anyone who knows me well knows I am OBSESSED with linen. Let me tell you why! Without going in to too much detail (which I could, since I have been researching Linen for YEARS), Linen is what we call a cellulose fiber, which basically means it comes from a plant! Because linen fabric is 100% plant-based, it is considered a renewable resource! Flax seeds can be planted each year, and its stalks can be harvested for fiber! Not only that, it can be naturally dyed with other plants, flowers, and food! Linen is typically woven. Although it doesn't have much stretch, it breathes. It is hands-down the absolute best fiber to wear in hot or humid weather. Once you wear mostly linen for a whole summer, you will have a hard time going back to anything else during those hot summer months!